So I was just sitting and thinking about writing a poem when I checked  my stats and saw that I had 200 followers

I was like WHAT!!??? Because I had just started blogging in May and god,I love blogging soo much.You all are amazing and when you comment on my post or interact with me,It just makes my day.EVERY TIME

There are some bloggers who are really special to me because either they motivate me to continue writing by commenting and being nice on my blog or I’m inspired by their posts and the ability to be so awesomee.

So a huge thanks to all of these lovely people:

S.J. Higbee for being so friendly and wise.

Donna,Chloe and Gretchen for commenting and liking my posts when I was just a newbie.They are really awesome.

Marie,Louise and Lauren for being really humorous,adorable and inspiring!

Apart from the bloggers I mentioned above,these are all my favorite blogs who are AMAZING:

Cait@Paper fury




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Cinderzena Blogs

Melia,Ally and Laurena@The Immortal Readers

Loana@Books reenchanted

And a Huge thanks to all of you other bloggers and readers who read my posts!!

So on this HUGE occasion I’m doing a little Q&A.Comment below any type of questions you have,it can be a bookish question or something about my life,really ANYTHING as long as it’s appropriate.You can even tweet it (Twitter page linked below).I’ll gather up all the questions and maybe post a little video when the questions stop coming!

Thank you again,I love you guys.



15 Bookish facts about me

I’m so tired.(I’m always tired for no reason)

I wanted to write a review about this really deep and change-the-way-you-look-at-things book I read recently but due to my laziness it has been put aside for a while.

Instead,I decided to just make a list because they always work.

Here’s a list of bookish facts about me :

  • I have not read The Mortal Instruments series yet.I can sense the frowns on your faces but yes,I made the mistake of watching the movie first and oh dear god!WHAT WAS THAT?

  • No matter what people say about John Green,I love him.Not just because of his books but because of his epic sense of humour and sarcasm which is clear in his youtube videos.

  • I hate Wuthering Heights.(Sorry If you like it)

  • I love collecting bookmarks but I rarely use them.

  • I get these random urges to either touch and pat my books or to smell them.People think I’m crazy.

  • The book that got me into reading was Alice in wonderland by Lewis Carol.

  • I live in India but I don’t read books of Indian Authors.

  • I cancel actual plans to read.

  • I read random passages from my favorite books time to time.

  • I have spoiled myself by actually googling what happens next in the book series.

  • I love Draco Malfoy.

  • My dream is to become so rich that I own a house with a giant room dedicated just to books where no one can enter without my permission.

  • I sometimes don’t do anything except read mainly to avoid making decisions and dealing with work.

  • I love Aaron Warner.

  • I love Aaron Warner.

  • I love Aaron Warner (WOAH,BIG SURPRISE!)

So basically I acted super lazy but I expect YOU not to be lazy and tell me a random bookish fact about yourself in the comments below!

See you on Sunday with a non-bookish post!



Random Musings|Chat with me!

“We all want to do something to mitigate the pain of loss or to turn grief into something positive, to find a silver lining in the clouds. But I believe there is real value in just standing there, being still, being sad.”

-John Green

Hello everyone,today is Sunday and every Sunday I write a post that is not book-related but is in fact either my thoughts on something or just a poem.Last Sunday I posted a poem –the consequences of leaving and today I thought I’ll write about something I’ve been wanting to write about for many weeks but never gotten around actually writing it because maybe I was scared of um.. putting it out.

I have never been able to express something properly by talking,I’m better at words when I’m writing it down and maybe that is one of the reasons I started blogging.I wanted to write,write about books,about people,about my personal life but I never got around to actually write something about me,not because I was afraid of sharing it with you all but because I was afraid about a family member or a friend finding this blog and reading about things I don’t talk to them about.There’s a fair chance that someone close to me is reading this right now but today,I won’t stop and care because this is my site and I’m free to write about anything or anyone.

The above mentioned John Green quote is my all time favorite not because JOHN GREEN has written it but because I agree with him and It’s beautiful.We all had a difficult time in our life at some point when it was hard to do anything except to curl up under a blanket and cry or lock ourselves in a room and ignore everything-life.The reason maybe anything small or big but then it seems like the end of the world.Maybe this was the case with my batchmate who jumped from the 3rd floor of our school in an attempt to commit suicide.He broke his leg and spine but he is still breathing.I won’t go into the depth of this matter because I feel like I don’t want to freshen up the ‘memories’ of that incident.However,as many of you know that my favorite book is All the bright places by Jennifer Niven and my favorite author is Jennifer Niven not because she wrote that book but because she is a wonderful human being,I say this because she has dealt with a lot in her life,she has lost a mother,a father and a boyfriend.She didn’t go insane or tried to kill herself,she wrote,she wrote books and I adore her for that.I,on the other hand tend to create problems and then cry about it.The worst thing is that I don’t stop,I destroy myself in every single possible way by just only thinking.Thinking about things that I was supposed to forget or things I shouldn’t even think about.

Someone once asked me why I read.I just said that I read because I love books,but I left a whole other detail.I started reading books when I was in grade 3 or 4.The first book I read was Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carol,I remember loving it and wanting to read more books.That is how I started reading but I fell in love with reading just about 1 or 2 years ago.Last year in August,I realized something and just that realization made me insane.I could’t sleep and I don’t mean it in a poetic way,I actually couldn’t sleep.A day was fine but then I found myself constantly sleep deprived.At nights I was scared and not of ghosts or goblins or witches but of dying.I know it sounds stupid but my heart beat was so fast and I was so confused that it led to me concluding that whenever I’ll close my eyes-I’ll die.Whenever I did close my eyes,I heard noises and voices of people-friends and family saying something I couldn’t understand.I used to freak out and open my eyes and find myself shivering or sweating.After a few months,it went away but then something again happened in my life that provoked my ‘night fears’,only this time it was worse.I could sleep but I had nightmares of being paralyzed and dreams of me dying.It was so so so bad that all I did was cry,I cried about everything and everyone and I was too scared to talk about it to someone.Everthing was driving me insane.The only good thing about that time of my life was that I read more than usual,in fact all I did was read.I read cute romance novels and somehow it helped me in stopping my dreams,all I did at nights was picture the cute scenes from the books I read,in my mind and drift off to sleep in hope of that someday those things will happen with me also.Again,I know stupid but it worked.Soon,I found myself watching videos of booktubers and reading book blogs,I was slipping away from what was real but I enjoyed that feeling.So the conclusion is that I read to escape,I can deal with dragons and fictional deaths but I can’t deal with making real life decisions.#Sorrynotsorry

I actually have very little idea about what I just wrote but I hope it made sense to you.Maybe you found it relatable or you thought I wrote shit,but I felt really nice writing it all down.

Chat with me about ….*awkward moment* whatever I just wrote and what did you get from it.






Harry Potter and the Cursed child|Book Talk



This is a Book talk so it will obviously contain some HUGE spoilers,so If you have not yet read the book,go read it and then come back to read this post and discuss your views with me.For now,I just want to tell you that I LOVED this book and I give it 4.5 outta 5 stars.

With that being cleared,let’s start the discussion

Harry Potter and the cursed child was crazy,RIDICULOUS at times and it even got me angry but oh my god,I loved this book so so much!There are a lot of things that in my opinion brought the book down but just to be in that world again and to read about all these characters we have lived without for years gave me so many feels and ultimately satisfied my heart.This book gave me things and moments I didn’t even knew that I wanted to read about.Since this is a discussion I feel like it’s important to talk about all the aspects of the book and the different parts of this book because oh god,so much happened in it!

I have divided this post in parts according to what I loved in this book,what made me sad,what had me crying,what was crazy and also all the plot holes.


1.Crazy is actually the best adjective to describe this book in one word.The level of madness was so high!First of all,the rumour about Scorpius being a child of Voldemort’s was seriously so stupid that If it had been true I would have thrown the book at a wall! I mean,why,WHY?? would Astoria use the time turner and go back in time just to have sex with Voldemort to get a pure blood child when she literally can do that with any other pure blood.

2.Teen Boys are stupid.When Albus and Scorpius are all like okay,yeah we’ll just steal a time turner from the minister of magic and go back in time to save ROBERT PATTINSON,That’s a piece of cake!I was shouting at their stupidity because a.They don’t know anything about how it will affect the other things which in turn can cause bigger problems in the actual timeline and b.They were making bad decisions,messing up a timeline is never good.Learn from Barry Allen.

3.The Trolley With is insane.In fact that whole scene is so disturbing that I can’t even picture that in my head.Albus and Scorpius are on the top of the train and suddenly the Trolley witch appears and she’s like “YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS” then’s she’s slow walking with the trolley of sweets towards them and they jump anyways,but the point was,SERIOUSLY? A FAT OLD TROLLEY WITCH IS WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO STOP CHILDREN FROM RUNNING AWAY FROM HOGWARTS EXPRESS??WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS!

4.The whole scene in the Ministry of Magic where Albus,Scorpius and Delphi have transformed into Ron,Harry and Hermione respectively and Albus/Ron is trying to stop Hermione from entering her office was nuts.To stop Hermione,Albus said “I either want a baby or a vacation” THIS CRACKED ME UP AND I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD.And then Albus kisses Hermione who is her AUNT…WHAT???? NOT COOL.CRINGE.CRINGE.CRINGE.

The bookcase part was equally nuts but I won’t talk about it because I have some issues with that scene and I can’t quite picture that scene in my head because it’s confusing and fast.


1.Scorpius was so amazing in this book,he did agree with Albus on that Time turner idea but I think he was the one to fix everything and set things right.He was funny and he was kind hearted and I loved the way he tried to get along with Rose even though she ignored him.

2.So the kids turned the events upside down which was crazy but what I loved about it was that we got to see all the characters because of that in the alternate realities.I got so emotional when Scorpius meets Snape and he tells him about everything including how Harry named his son after him and then that part where Albus tells him that he’s dead in the actual reality,but then Snape’s like “Atleast I don’t marry Ron”.OH MY GOD I LAUGHED SO HARD,THAT WAS EPIC!!.I just loved seeing Snape,it was so satisfying and I got all teary-eyed.

3.Draco Malfoy.I never hated Malfoy,quite honestly,but In this book I LOVED him.I loved how we got to see this whole other side of him,I loved his relationship with Harry-that duel was on point!Then when Ginny comes to the kitchen she’s like ‘What did I miss?’.That whole scene was really funny.While they did argue in this book,ofcourse thier fights are a classic,I loved to see them team up and work to protect thier sons.I loved how they opened up to each other and that was one of my favorite scenes in that book.Also in that conversation when Draco says:It’s lonely being a Malfoy….My heart broke.I felt so so bad for him,just ahhhhh.

4.Harry seeing his parents die was the saddest thing in the whole darn book.I cried.I had to close the book to take a deep breath cause It was so overwhelming and emotional.

5.There is a scene where Hermione,Ron,Harry,Ginny,Draco and their kids are in the time when Harry’s parents are about to be killed and Harry has to take the polyjuice potion to transform into Voldemort because Delphi has to meet him,so Hermione as usual coordinates everything and tells everyone what to do including Malfoy.There’s a line that made my heart to all sorts of crazy things,and that line is:

Draco:Hermione Granger.I’m being bossed by Hermione Granger.(He smiles) and I am quite enjoying it.

I was smiling ear to ear because that single sentence made me so fricking happy.It was so much fun to read that part!!I can’t even-!!!


1.What was up with Harry Potter in this book?

He made me really really angry when he told Albus that he wished he wasn’t his son.SINCE WHEN HARRY POTTER BECAME SO RUDE TO  SAY STUFF LIKE THAT AND THAT TOO TO HIS OWN CHILD???

I mean what Albus said had a logic.He didn’t want to be harry’s son because he has so much pressure and I understand that being Harry potter’s child is difficult but what Harry said was plain spiteful!

2.Harry insulting Minerva.

Again,how DARE he?How can he say to her that she doesn’t understand because she doesn’t have children.That is so rude and it made me really angry.I get that you’re the famous harry potter but have you forgotten who is she and how much has she dealt with!!!???

3.Where the hell were the other characters? Apart from the fact that Harry’s and Ron’s other children somehow weren’t important enough to be given a proper role in the book,where were the other side characters whom we eagerly wanted to see?Hagrid?Neville-I think we all learnt how important he is for the wizarding world but again..not important enough to be given a proper role.Luna?

Dont give excuses like ‘It was a play and it had to be short’ that doesn’t mean you’ll magically disappear important characters.


1.Someone tell me that how is it possible that Bellatrix somehow managed to have sex with Voldemort in the chaos of war and got pregnant  and had a baby without anyone even knowing it.Also,Bellatrix’s husband must have been really insane to tell her alleged daughter to go and fulfill the new Prophecy to bring back her demon father-the man whom his wife had an affair with.COOL.GREAT.AWESOME.TOTALLY LEGIT.

2.The whole concept of the time turner made very little sense.What we learnt in Prisoner of Azkaban about time turners totally opposed this new weird ones.How did Albus and Scorpius reach the Triwizard tournament exactly 5 mins before it was about to start?And I thought that to go back an hour in time you had to turn the switch or whatever of the time turner 1 time,so if they went like many years back,should’t they should have turned it many times?

Even though I did criticize this book, I loved this book a lot.I didn’t love it as much as I love the original Harry Potter Books but yes-I do really really love it,it’s definitely a new favorite.




Since you’ve been gone by Morgan Matson

I finally read a Morgan Matson book.


On to the review.

 Goodreads:It was Sloane who yanked Emily out of her shell and made life 100% interesting. But right before what should have been the most epic summer, Sloane just…disappears. All she leaves behind is a to-do list.

On it, thirteen Sloane-inspired tasks that Emily would normally never try. But what if they could bring her best friend back?

Apple picking at night? Okay, easy enough.

Dance until dawn? Sure. Why not?

Kiss a stranger? Um…

Emily now has this unexpected summer, and the help of Frank Porter (totally unexpected), to check things off Sloane’s list. Who knows what she’ll find?

Go skinny-dipping? Wait…what?


The story revolves around our main character Emily who is shy and Awkward.She has lived under the shadow of her best Friend Sloane up until one day when she mysteriously disappears with her family.Emily is confused and sad when she finds a list of things Sloane left for her to do.Circumstances lead her to a group of people she never thought she’d end up being friends with.


The plot of this book was what I think made it a brilliant book.The things Emily had to do were done in a humorous and unexpected way.Emily went off to do something in her list and ended up doing something entirely else.It was full of surprises and It made me laugh a lot.

What I liked most about it was that it gives us a message that we shouldn’t be very dependant on someone to make us happy.We should be our own thing,we should know how to handle ourselves without a constant support.

I loved the character development of Emily,and how she becomes this fun,happy,cheerful chick by the end of the book.

Friendship was the base of the book and it played out wonderfully giving us the message that sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone and try new things which may lead to unexpected friends.

Another thing about the book which I found creative was that it has playlists of songs which Frank and Emily listened to while running together.I have heard that all of Morgan Matson’s book has these types of playlists and other fun lists,which sounds really cool.


Since this book is about friendship,there’s little romance in it but still it’s really good.Our romantic interest is Frank Porter-who is Mr Perfect.

I liked Frank a lot actually,he is fun and kind and the kind of person who wants to save the world just because he feels obliged to do so.He is Funny at times,especially with his friend Collins who reminded me of Kenji from Shatter me.

The Romance building was slow and it was similar to Anna and the French kiss by Stephanie Perkins.It was actually very similar to the events at taking place at the end of the book but it didn’t bother me and I loved Since You’ve been gone anyways.

Rating: 4.5 OUT OF 5 STARS.

I Loved Since You’ve Ben Gone,Did you?Tell me in the comments section and We’ll have a  chat!Also tell me which Morgan Matson book I should read next??

How to annoy a reader.

Being a Booknerd is hard.It’s very hard indeed.We have to deal with all sorts of emotional traumas (We suffer through so many deaths) and physical stress (Sleeping at 4 in the morning after finishing a book and going to school/work the next day).Among these problems,the biggest problems giver is the non-readers out there (Foolish Muggles,I call.) because some times they say spiteful things or show disregard towards our book,Which annoys the hell out of us.

So I have gathered here,a list of things that the muggles do which annoys us readers THE most.In other words a manual guide to attain your Death if you say or do the things listed below.

1.”If you have read all those books then why do you keep it? Throw some out!”



2.Peek over our shoulders to read our book.

So the Person who does this is most probably bored because maybe their phone battery is dead  because of playing some game or they’re just looking for someone to annoy.They’ll peek over our shoulder and try to read our book as if they’ll get what’s going on in the story.It irritates us and makes us want to STRANGLE them.

3.”Why are you wasting your time reading the book? Watch the movie when it comes out!”


Okay so I get this a lot.I don’t understand that how can ‘reading’ be a waste of time and how in ANY way watching the movie is better? It sounds so dumb when you ask a person whether they have read a book and they reply with “No! But I’ve seen the movie and I’m a HUGE fan of it!”


This actually happened:

Person: What are you reading?

Me: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.


Me: Excuse me?


4.Fake read in front of us.

These type of people,ughhh. They’ll take up any popular book ,then sit in a crowd and put the book in front of their face.Then they’ll peep here and there to see if people are watching them read or not,because guess what?That’s a fake reader!!!If they notice that the people around them are not interested at all,they’ll be like ” Oh hey girl! Have you heard about that new commercial? I wish I could tell you but I’m actually reading The Fault in Our Stars right now”

They should probably look around before they fake-read because if we spot them,we WILL prove how if you wanna read you fricking read and not talk nonsense.

5.”Why are you crying?It’s just a book! That character wasn’t even real!”

He was real!!!He lived in my heart and he’s not there anymore!!I’ll cry if I want to,I’ll shout if I want to and you can  judge all you want to but just because we have emotions and you don’t doesn’t mean you’ll say spiteful things like “It wasn’t real”



Thats it guys I hope you enjoyed it!! There were a lot of other things that annoy me as a reader but I think I have already talked about it in my posts (I’ll link them below) I do have more of these though so let me know if you want a part two!!




Bookish Pet Peeves

Discussion post:Problems of a fangirl.

Ingredients of a Good Book.




The consequences of leaving (Poem)

And all of a sudden,
The lights seem dimmer
The air feels cold,
The birds don’t sing
and the nights doesn’t pass.
The streets are quite,
But the whispers,loud.
Pouring out cascade of memories,
With specks of black.
Now everything is broken,
Beyond repair.
Oh look what you’ve done!
By running away.
Even the moon cringes to come,
From behind the clouds.

So I know I did something I don’t usually do,but I love to write and if you’ve seen my bio,it says “I read and write.
I realized that I have never posted my work before,so today I did!
If you’re reading this then it’s quite obvious that you’ve read the poem and I want to know whether you liked it or not (criticism is welcomed).I know it wasn’t great but I thought it would be nice to start by something short and easy.
Please let me know what you thought below!

See ya


Birthday Haul!!!

Hello lovelies!!

Today I’m going to show you all what I got and bought for my birthday which was yesterday (21st).

This includes both Non-Bookish items and books as well.I am going to leave the links below of all the stores from where they arrived (If I know,of course).

A story first….

So on my birthday when I returned back from school I was not in a great mood.Actually I was pretty pissed off because of reasons I ain’t gonna bore you with.I went straight into my room and here is what I saw:




And I knew….everyone had sent me BOOKS!!!!!

So I got happy and enjoyed the rest of the lovely day.(HAHAHA,I SOUND SO MATERIALISTIC #SORRYNOTSORRY)

                                NON-BOOKISH THINGS



So my Best Friend Samriddhi  got me this lovely sling handbag and the beautiful Card (I don’t know where she got it from.)


My other Best friend Debanshi Got me this necklace,it represents a butterfly and I love it!



A friend made me this Card which is so fricking awesome!!!!She is so creative,I can’t even fill color in a drawing properly.


The bakery from where I bought the cake gave me this card.


My brother got me this from Thesouledstore.They are sooo amazing!!!They ship internationally and are really cheap,


wait for it.



If you buy any of the harry potter stuff from there,they’ll send you YOUR HOGWARTS ACCEPTANCE LETTER.

See,I didn’t know this so when I opened the package and saw that letter I literally screamed and pretended that I had got my ACTUAL Hogwarts Letter.


My brother also got me this Friends Pin from thesouledstore and the Poster from Amazon India

At last,a selfie in the dress my Aunt Bought for me.



                                 BOOKS I GOT & BOUGHT










Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Man’s search for meaning by Vicktor E Frankl was sent to me by my elder brother.These are from Amazon.





All these book were sent to me by My Uncle who ordered it on Snapdeal.







That’s it for today guys,I hope you enjoyed it!

I got money so I’ll do another post where I’ll show you all the books I bought from it!

                           HAVE A LOVELY DAY!!



Unpopular Opinions Book Tag.


Today I’m going to do the Unpopular Opinions tag.(I’m a little late,okay,a a lot late.)

Before I share with you my unpopular opinions I’m going to do the thing where I tell you that these opinions are my own and I in no way mean to offend anyone and If you do not agree with me then fine,okay,great!!


1. A Popular Book/Series You Didn’t Like .

                                 Paper Towns by John Green


Now believe me when I say that I absolutely LOVE John Green,not just his books but him as a person because he is so so funny and a great human being.

But..Paper Towns didn’t work for me..nope nada.

On the off topic..do yourself  a favor and check out John Green reviews Twilight (SOO GOOD)

.2. A Popular Book/Series Everyone Hates But You Love.


                                      Twilight by Stephanie Meyer


Um yeah.I don’t exactly love Twilight because I do love making fun of it and watching other people make fun of it.But I do like it a lot,it’s my guilty pleasure.

3. A Love Triangle That Didn’t End the Way You Wanted It To.

                                           Hermoine and Ron.


See, I do not not exactly hate that ship but I always ALWAYS thought that She would end up with HARRY,I wanted her to end up with him because ughhhhhh I loved them together.

4. A Popular Genre You Hardly Read.


                                            High Fantasy


I love fantasy, a lot and especially in Winters.

but.. one word:HEAVY.

5. A Popular/Beloved Character You Dislike 

                        America Singer from The Selection


Boy,I so did NOT like or adore her.I found her Whiny and Selfish.

Although I did Like The Selection as a book,it was okay in my opinion.

6. A Popular Author You Can’t Seem To Get Into.

                                       Dan Brown


There is NOTHING wrong with him or his books.It’s totally me,.I don’t understand anything at once and it takes me hours of researching to read his one book.It slows me down and puts me in a slump.

7. A Popular Trope You’re Tired of Reading .


one windy day a girl meets stumbles upon a boy.She looks at him,he looks at her.

They fall in love…but but..The guy has some dark bad secrets from which he wants the girl to stay away from but because she is soo soo irresistible,he can’t can’t can’t.The girl can’t help either and gets trapped in his smoky hot eyes…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..


I think you get me.

8. A Popular Series You Have No Interest In Reading.
9. A Show/Movie Adaption You Liked Better Than The Book 

                                        Inkheart by Cornelia Funk


This book is invisible in our book society but it is SO SO GOOD.I read the book AFTER I saw the movie and I’m afraid to say that the Movie was wayyyyy better.

but do watch the movie..it’s about a guy who can bring fictional characters OUT of a book and accidently brings out some evil ones who capture him.Ten years later his daughter goes on a mission to find him with her aunt and a book’s hero.WATCH IT.


That’s it!! I hope I didn’t offend anyone and I’m tagging no-one because I’m pretty sure I’m the last one to do this tag.

Have a lovely Day,




Recommend me books!!

Hello lovely readers!!

Today I’m going to ask you to do me a favor,that hopefully you’ll enjoy doing.

Recommend me books!!

Since my exams are going on *rolls eyes* I have not been reading much,actually not at all.

*dramatic music*

But but..My birthday is on 21st of July and I’ll buy books from the money I get (duh) and then I’ll go on a reading spree after the end of my exams.

I do have a long list of TBR books but they mostly include YA Contemporary and that is not what I’m looking for at present.

So what am I looking for?

Fantasy with swoon worthy romance.
Science fiction.
Paranormal romance.

Please don’t recommend any dystopian novel,I’m a little sick of those.

So if you happen to know any great books in the genres I mentioned then please do tell me below,I could use some help.
If I like what you recommend I’m definitely going to buy that and then do a birthday haul post to show you what all I got on your recommendation.

Thank you,